Thursday, 3 November 2011

My "other" hobbie

Like an onion I have many layers :) One of the things I do and read about other that cards and scrapbooking is money management! One of the Blogs I read regularly is Enemy of Debt and sponsored by Life Insurance Finder the life insurance comparison experts” They have a $500 giveaway for posting your "Debt Free bucket list" Sooooo here it is :)

1. Go to Hawaii during Ironman and assist (one day I would love to race)
2. Run the Great wall of China marathon
3. Not have to work shift work so that I can focus on training more
4. Go See the Tour de France
5. Buy my honey a sailboat

Of course I would save for retirement and pay for all 5 kids to go to College or University but those are my "dreams" the other 2 I plan on doing!

Go ahead and enter and comment here and let me know if you did! Who couldn't use $500!!

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